Currently working on my PhD in Computer Science at Portland State University.

Co-founder of Apters with Jamey Sharp. Version control tracks changes to your code. Apters tracks changes to your build process.

My current research focuses on the relativistic programming approach to concurrent programming, with particular emphasis on the Read-Copy Update (RCU) synchronization technique.

I work on Linux, primarily on the RCU subsystem and on Sparse-related code. I maintain the rcutorture test module.

I co-maintain the X C Binding (XCB). I developed the XML-XCB format to describe the X Window System protocol. I also work on other Xorg projects on

I maintained the Sparse semantic parser and static analysis tool for C for several years, before passing it on to Christopher Li.

Jamey Sharp and I created Serialist, a site to track webcomics and other serialized works on the web. For me, Serialist means I can keep up with several great webcomics without having to read them daily.

I maintain several packages in the Debian project.

For a somewhat more complete list of projects I've contributed to, see my page on Ohloh.

Publications and Presentations

"Relativistic Programming". Josh Triplett, Paul E. McKenney, Phil Howard, and Jonathan Walpole. ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles (SOSP) 2009, poster session.

"Scalable concurrent hash tables via relativistic programming". Josh Triplett. In Linux Plumbers Conference 2009, Portland, OR, September 2009.

"Painless kernel - removing the HZ". Josh Triplett. In Linux Plumbers Conference 2009, Portland, OR, September 2009.

"Is Parallel Programming Hard, And If So, Why?". Paul McKenney, Manish Gupta, Maged Michael, Phil Howard, Josh Triplett and Jonathan Walpole. Portland State University Technical Report Number TR-09-02, February 2009.

"Scalable Concurrent Hash Tables via Relativistic Programming". Josh Triplett. Portland State University Research Proficiency Exam; Portland State University Technical Report Number TR-08-06, 2008.

"The read-copy-update mechanism for supporting real-time applications on shared-memory multiprocessor systems with Linux". Dinakar Guniguntala, Paul E. McKenney, Josh Triplett, and Jonathan Walpole. IBM Systems Journal, 47(2), April 2008.